About Place, Space & Identity

This is the exciting third phase of the Place, Space and Identity programme (“PSI”).

Since its inception in 2008, the programme has increased opportunities for enjoyment of and participation in the arts in Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffs. The programme aims to embed creativity into Stoke-on-Trent’s urban renaissance and neighbourhood renewal activity.  In this third and final phase, the partners seek to create a high-profile legacy for PSI and the people of the city.  Details of previous activity in the PSI programme is available at www.placespaceidentity.net.  Please note that the panel will use the selection criteria set out in this document for this phase of the project.

We encourage the projects to be ambitious, visible and physical interventions.  They will positively promote the work of RENEW and engage local communities and the City.

Projects in this phase of PSI will be selected on the basis of artistic excellence, the strength of the idea and the ability of the artist to execute it, the ability for the project to raise the profile of regeneration projects and the ability to increase participation in arts activities within RENEW’s Areas of Major Intervention.  We list the selection criteria for the artists and their projects below.

These Areas of Major Intervention, where it is proposed that the six commissions take place are:

  • City Centre South,
  • Middleport,
  • Knutton Cross Heath,
  • Meir,
  • City Centre North West,
  • and Stoke (Town Centre).

We provide a brief overview for each of the six areas, with short video footage.  As implied in the title “Major Intervention”, these areas feature high levels of disrepair and deprivation.  RENEW is working to reduce poor stock condition, disrepair, voids, vacancies and turnover rates there. You will need to demonstrate your ability to engage people, inspire participation and show tenacity in the face of possible opposition.